Version 2

I’m Cait!  Thank you for joining me on my fitness and nutrition journey.  Growing up, I always had a strong appreciation for good food.  Not only because the meals were delicious, but also because they were usually enjoyed with the ones I love most- my big Italian and Irish family as well as lifelong friends.

 I believe my passion for cooking stems from two big influences in my life. The first being my parents, who have always been in the food industry and are notorious for hosting dinner parties overflowing with good company and food.  Another huge impact for me is that I had the pleasure of growing up in the same home as my maternal grandmother.  Growing up in Italy with a household full of brothers, my Nonna Lucia learned recipes and techniques from her mother, quickly becoming a phenomenal home cook at an early age.  Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are coming home from school and simply watching her effortlessly prepare an entire meal for our dinner.

 My passion for nutrition and fitness became a big part of my life after my college years.  I had always enjoyed running and eating what I considered to be “clean” at the time.  Once in graduate school (I am a teacher by the way), I was living back home with a new routine and I began to pay closer attention to the ingredients in the foods I was eating. Soon, I began to read countless books about clean eating and eventually found my way to the Whole30 program.  After doing my first round of Whole30 in March 2016 I was hooked!

I am excited to continue learning from the experts who have had such an impact while sharing the unique balance and lifestyle I’ve found- my paleo pace of life!

While I would love to say I follow my paleo routine 365 days a year, when you have a love for chocolate like I do, you learn to appreciate the idea of balance and feed your soul every now and then.