My Paleo Pantry Staples

I take pride in a stocked and organized pantry.  I love knowing I have my staples in stock just in a case I get some recipe inspiration or I have unexpected dinner guests.  There a few items that come and go depending the on the season or if I am doing a round of Whole30, but there are certain items I make sure to always have on hand.  I learned that by being creative in the kitchen and by adding variety to my weekly menus, I don’t feel deprived living a Paleo lifestyle.  I often tell people that ask me about being Paleo that you can basically recreate anything with real, whole foods; you just need to be creative!  Here is a list of things I try to alway keep stocked in my pantry and some ways I typically use them.  Also, as a tip, if there is anything in your pantry that tempts you to eat as “foods-with-no-breaks”, try storing them in a solid container so that it is not staring at you every time you go into your pantry…Nutella.




Ghee- I love using ghee to caramelize onions, make mashed sweet potatoes or just for general use as a cooking fat. (After I open it, I store it in the fridge)

Coconut Aminos- Used to flavor stir-frys and paleo ketchup. (Store in fridge after opening)

Avocado Oil- My main cooking fat.

Coconut Milk- As a creamer in soups or when baking.

Tapioca Flour- Breading when frying chicken breast.

Arrowroot Flour- To thicken sauces.


Coconut oil- Used for frying, making nut butters or granola.

Raw Honey- I used this for creating paleo baked goods,  adding a glaze to a recipe, or in my tea.

Almond Flour- I use almond flour as a base when paleo baking, or to bread cutlets and make meatballs. (I store in fridge after opening)

Hazelnut Flour- Mostly for breading protein. (I store in fridge after opening)


Shredded coconut- Use when baking or making granola.  Occasionally as a breading.


Almond Butter/ Trader Joe’s Mixed Nut Butter- Used mostly as a snack with fruit

Plantain Chips- Love to eat with guacamole, or as a base for nachos.

Dried Fruit- Homemade trail mix, will also add to salads.

RxBars/LaraBars- Breakfast on the go or as a snack.

Nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts)- I love adding nuts to salads and stir frys.  Will also combined with dried fruit for trail mix.




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  1. I am with you on the avocado oil!!! It is my go to cooking oil. While I do use coconut oil, I have a couple friends who are allergic, and the taste doesn’t go with all foods — tho I do like it appropriately. Oh, yes, arrowroot and tapioca flours are wonderful. (I am not truly Paleo these days, but I am so glad Paleo options are out there!)


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